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December 2016

  • Parental Leave Insurance Innovation
  • Q&A with Chris Bobbit (Freya Insurance)
  • Legislative Update

November 2016

  • Legal ramifications of the manager lottery
  • Q&A with Shestin Swartley from Connery Consulting
  • Tips to streamline your current training program

October 2016

  • Utilize Lean Six Sigma to diagnose and improve the family leave experience
  • Presentation by Mikuki Iwahashi (PG&E)
  • Leverage technology to scale and standardize your leave program
  • Best Practices from Innovative Employers

September 2016

  • Summary of Recent Legislative Movements
  • New Federal Contractor Guidelines in effect
  • Public School Teachers and Paid Leave
  • Company Spotlight: Paid Leave Policy Highlights

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